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Life in Christ Jesus is a Life of Faith …Publication of New Book

We announce the publication of the book “Life in Christ Jesus is a Life of Faith”

It is a study material presented with the purpose of showing us that being ‘Christian’ does not necessarily mean living a life of faith; the reader will be confronted in his knowledge of the faith and will see how much religious philosophy has been injected into the contemporary proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus.

Life in Christ Jesus is the result of faith, of believing that Jesus of Nazareth is God incarnate and manifested to humanity, to the Jewish people in principle, in order to by his teaching and example, reveal the way of reconciliation with the Creator.

Life in Christ Jesus is a life of faith, it consists in living on earth observing the principles of life in heaven; it consists in learning not to depend on the resources that derive from self-sufficiency and denial of God, nor to live under the fear originated by the powerlessness of not knowing how to handle adverse circumstances; life in Christ Jesus is a life of rest based on the Word of Salvation that He sends to free us from that which threatens our faith.

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