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Water Baptism… ‎ Rite, Tradition or Spiritual ‎Act?‎

ISBN/EAN: 1973834146 / 978-1973834144 ePub

Baptism or immersion in water, which we practice, ‎was not always the same way we know it today. It was ‎established and promoted by John the Baptist and known ‎as the baptism of John.‎ ‎ It was also known as a baptism of ‎repentance,‎ ‎ later established as baptism in Jesus, which is ‎as we know it today.‎

Baptism was not a strange element for those who ‎received it from John the Baptist. The reason the ‎people did not hesitate to undergo its practice, new, it was because its basic principle is contained in the ‎Law of Moses.‎

Spiritual Warfare against the Powers of Sin

ISBN-10: 1723187976 / ISBN-13: 978-1723187971 ePub

Paperback: 108 pages


Sin is not only a deviation or inclination towards evil, proper to human nature, but it is also a spiritual argument provoked by Satan to have the right of operation and intervention among the human race. God did not design, nor did he create sin to cohabitate with the man. For two reasons we affirm it and corroborate it with the same Scriptures.

Spiritual warfare is not a new subject, nor is it a human invention. It does not arise from academic theological thought, nor from exegetical doctrines. Satan, the prince of this century, is in constant war activity, and his purpose is to take captive the souls of the generations born under the promise of restoration.

Building our Integrity According to the Bible

Paperback: 115 pages

ISBN-10: 1726820513 / ISBN-13: 978-1726820516 ePub

building our integrity

Nobody is born being integrous, integrity is cultivated, and it is reached with effort; of course, in the measure of the willingness to expose ourselves before God. Integrity is the openness that the human spirit acquires of allowing the inheritance of sin to be exposed to the light; No one who is unwilling to expose himself before God can be integrous.

Integrity has nothing to do with morality, although of course, there will be those who strive to define it in terms of it. Integrity is a human virtue of a spiritual nature, and therefore, to cultivate it, it is necessary to eradicate all the secular models and morality patterns on which it was intended to be built first.

Signs from God to the World

Paperback: 133 pages

ISBN-10: 1086089723 / ISBN-13: 978-1086089721 ePub


Recently while teaching the Introduction to the New Testament course and discussing how the apostle John presents in his gospel the works of Jesus in exactly seven miracles, which the apostle calls signs, the Lord led me to compare the purpose of the seventh sign the resurrection of Lazarus from the dead with the purpose for our time of two recent events that caught everyone’s attention in 2010. I am referring to the earthquake in Haiti, on January 12th, and the confinement and eventual rescue of the 33 miners in the San José mine, in Chile, on October 13th of that same year.

…and shall call his name JESUS: That you may know the truth of the things in which you have been taught

Paperback: 205 pages

ISBN-10: 1691333379 / ISBN-13: 978-1691333370 ePub


…and shall call his name Jesus is a book based on the life and work of Jesus according to the writings of Luke’s gospel.

The Gospel according to Luke offers the western reader a more contextualized perspective of the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth; it is a unique vision, different from the Jewish interpretation of the other gospels that present Jesus more as a regional Messiah than as the one God has sent for reconciliation for all humanity. It is a narrative presented by a non-Jew who knows nothing of Jewish culture, in fact, does not have that background, which discovers in Jesus not the man turned into a god, in the Greek way, but God himself manifested in a man to show men how God is in His nature.

The Preaching of the Cross

Paperback: 211 pages

ISBN-10: 1798256681 / ISBN-13: 978-1798256688 ePub


The Preaching of the Cross is a pastoral study material based on the text of chapter six of the Epistle to the Hebrews. The writer exposes in his dialogue with the recipients of the epistle the content of the doctrinal themes that they received from the beginning of their conversion, and by the way that the writer exposes them in relation to their spiritual growth and maturity, we note that these doctrinal themes were in their time the doctrinal ensemble of what eventually became known as the doctrine of the apostles.

  • The doctrine of Christ, or the word of the beginning,
  • We go on to perfection;
  • Not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works,
  • And faith in God,
  • Of the doctrine of baptisms,
  • And the laying on of hands,
  • And the resurrection of the dead,
  • And eternal judgment.

Evangelization and Spiritual Warfare Strategies for the Establishment of Faith Communities

Paperback: 154 pages

ISBN-10: 1677483156 / ISBN-13: 978-1677483150 ePub


The case Jesus presented about the unclean spirit seeking rest after leaving a person shows us, first, that it is not the uninhabited places that demons seek, that demons choose to live in the same urban settlements established by man; and, second, it shows us that demonic forces depend on “man” to exercise their dominion over the earth; or rather, they depend on the facts of this one, or these, to operate with right over the region.

The demonic Powers and Principalities stationed in an inhabited region never operate in independence of the people who live in them, it is the facts of their inhabitants who summon them, concert with them and make them settle in their region. Based on this fact, the only way to distort the power of the spiritual forces of the place is to invalidate the works of those who gave them the right to settle in the place.

The book is a Training and Instruction manual on how to establish the Gospel message in regions that have been closed to the Kingdom of God. We invite you to read it.

The Gospel in a Time of Pandemic

Paperback : 96 pages

ISBN-10 : 1393549691 / ISBN-13 : 978-1393549697 ePub

The plagues do not come just like that, regardless of the cause that has provoked them, according to the scientific knowledge that explains it, the plagues obey a spiritual Law clearly defined in the Scriptures.
As often as the word “plague” appears in the Bible, the word is associated with God’s intervention.

Plagues come from God, God sends them. The purpose of the presence of a plague on the region, or on the whole world, is to manifest to the people of the region the folly of their decisions and actions; the plagues are intended to be reliable witnesses to God’s calls on the inhabitants of the region, or on all of humanity.

The plagues are intended to establish judgment on the gods of the people; the plagues bring to light the kind of gods that the people have raised up, and in whom they have placed their trust.

Life in Christ Jesus is a Life of Faith

Paperback: 117 pages

ISBN: 9798578759406 ePub

Life in Christ Jesus is the result of faith, of believing that Jesus of Nazareth is God incarnate and manifested to humanity, to the Jewish people in principle, in order to by his teaching and example, reveal the way of reconciliation with the Creator.

Life in Christ Jesus is a life of faith, it consists in living on earth observing the principles of life in heaven; it consists in learning not to depend on the resources that derive from self-sufficiency and denial of God, nor to live under the fear originated by the powerlessness of not knowing how to handle adverse circumstances; life in Christ Jesus is a life of rest based on the Word of Salvation that He sends to free us from that which threatens our faith.

It is a study material presented with the purpose of showing us that being ‘Christian’ does not necessarily mean living a life of faith; the reader will be confronted in his knowledge of the faith and will see how much religious philosophy has been injected into the contemporary proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus.

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