The coronavirus… the discovery of evidence of the existence of an occult satanic operation that needs to be reported

The major consequence is not deaths, although it is always a pain to lose loved ones, but the major consequences are economic, for many countries, consequences that will take years to overcome.

Is there any spiritual teaching behind the COVID-19 pandemic? What does the Bible say about it?

God is calling the attention of the whole world to unite them in one direction, in the same direction to which he directed Pharaoh's attention: that thou mayest know that there is none like me in all the earth.

What is the purpose of the life of the righteous man on earth? What do we live for?

The righteous establish blessing over their regional neighbors, that is the purpose of his mission on earth, even if he sometimes does not take advantage like the others, and even has to suffer persecution from them.

Touch not the Lord’s anointed…

You shall not touch Jehovah's anointed does not mean to do nothing and stand idly by, it is the confidence that God will do, it is the hope of seeing the conviction fulfilled that God took our life, and He sets the agenda.

For as yet they knew not the scripture…

The reason why the man and woman of faith cannot understand God's plans is because of the character of disobedience and rebellion on which they build their life and ministry, because in their religious search for God, they seek one that will meet their own needs,