Doctrine of Christ: The doctrine of Christ is contained, explained and prophesied within the texts of the Mosaic Law, in the prophetic writings, and in the psalms,

Therefore, the doctrine that Jesus proclaimed is not a new doctrine originated in Him or by Him, His doctrine it was elaborated starting from the statutes of Mosaic Law, from prophecy of the prophets and in the singing praises of Psalms.

The Doctrine of Christ

The doctrine of Christ is the cornerstone of the doctrine of salvation. It is known as such, and not as the doctrine of Jesus, because the apostles stressed in their proclamation since the beginning that Jesus is the Messiah (the Christ in Greek), as seen in the answer to which the apostle Peter answered Jesus, …

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Sins by accidental, by naivety or by omission, and their Spiritual Consequence

In the review of the facts we will discover details of ‎things that we incur, naively, without the intention to injury someone, nor with hypocrisy, but that placed us ‎against Him, and worse, scattering that He gave us. That is the time to ‎burn the fat on the altar.