Enrolled Students

You are entering the In-Home Ministerial Training Program. The program, as already explained, is based on the homeschooling study model in which the student develops his learning based on a study guide mentored by a tutor.

It is not about running and acquiring as much knowledge as possible; it is about allowing oneself to be mentored by the tutor, so that in the interaction with the tutor and the discussion of the topics of the study guide, the student can learn to develop to the maximum his/her spiritual capacity to expose him/herself to the Revelation of the Word of God, which will always be the goal of God’s call to ministry.

So, go ahead, and may God do with you as He has set out to do.

Enter the module that corresponds to you. Your tutor will give you the password of your respective module.

Module 1: Understanding God’s Call to Ministry

Module 2: Doctrine of Christ

Module 3: Doctrine of the foundation of repentance from dead works

Module 4: Doctrine of Faith in God

Module 5: Doctrine of Baptisms

Module 6: Doctrine of Laying on of Hands

Module 7: Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Dead and the Return of Jesus to Earth

Module 8: Doctrine of Eternal Judgments of God

Module 9: Doctrine of Perfection

Module 10: Doctrinal Basis of the Gospel