Touch not the Lord’s anointed…

You shall not touch Jehovah's anointed does not mean to do nothing and stand idly by, it is the confidence that God will do, it is the hope of seeing the conviction fulfilled that God took our life, and He sets the agenda.

Relevance of Donald Trump’s first presidential trip, May 19th, 2017

Of course this message does not mean that Trump is Messiah Ben David, but that he will fulfill within the role of Messiah Ben David, for better or for worse, but it will be a fundamental card in the Redemption and the coming of Messiah. (Philologos, 2016)

Donald Trump, United States of America and the prophecy of Isaiah around the Man that executes my Counsel

According to the text of Isaiah, the appearance of the man of my counsel is subordinate to the appearance of a supernatural sign. The text states that along with the convocation to the man that executes my counsel, Jehovah also calls the bird of prey.