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The Weapons of our Warfare

Meaning and Purpose of the Concept The weapons of our warfare (οπλα της στρατειας) was a term the apostle Paul coined to refer to a particular authority we have in the name of Jesus, to subdue and disable the darkness authorities established in the regions we inhabit. The apostle does not use the expression in epistles in which he discusses the ‎spiritual warfare, as the epistle to the Ephesians, Thessalonians, and even, ‎Philippians, which suggests that the term was not coined to identify defined and known warfare resources, like the pray, or the fast, but to identify spiritual protocols to snatch the legal right that assists Satan to possess a region.. The term coined by the apostle not intended to instruct about spiritual ‎warfare, as intended as war against principalities and powers in the air. In both epistle where the expression appears, the epistle to the ‎Romans and the epistle to the Corinthians, do not focus on spiritual warfare, therefore, the weapons of our ‎warfare are not war resources, but effective strategies to disable the …

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