The Lordship of Christ and Spiritual Warfare

Submission to the Lordship of Christ leads the person to face Satan, being under the Lordship of Christ enables the person to release all that in the past he delivered from his own under alliances with darkness. The Lord of Christ frees the person from all authority that darkness wants to arrogate upon him:

Is it really worth knowing about God and serving Jesus?

What led Peter, John and James to make the decision to abandon everything by following Jesus was that that morning they had an encounter with God. Everything they abandoned is not to compare with what they found: they found Eternal Life.

Learning to Know God’s Visitation

Many men and women of God have been called as liberators, to bring "visitation" of God to the regions they inhabit, but they have gone astray and are looking for pulpits and churches where to work, believing that ministry is reduced to pulpit.