Lordship of Christ

  • FAITH and REVELATION are activated by suffering

    FAITH and REVELATION are activated by suffering

    Believe and confess what is believed. Why then the need to suffer? Man is a being that tends to gather all his knowledge and to reduce it to a systematic knowledge; by nature he is very given to boasting because of what he knows; so that a knowledge that God gives him does not fall in the “library” of his knowledge, and the Revelation is lost, it is necessary for man to process his knowledge through “experiences” that lead him to put aside his tendency to boast because of what he knows, and to put it aside; in the process, man discovers God speaking to his spirit. It was necessary for the Christ to suffer because only in this way man could understand the way of the Revelation of salvation, He led the way. Continue reading

About the ministry

Treasure in earthen vessels is a ministry of doctrinal instruction and training, according to the teachings of Jesus set forth in the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We proclaim that Jesus the Christ is God incarnate, so that, through faith in His Name, and in repentance before Him, men and women may attain forgiveness of sins, and be reconciled to the Father.

Our work is to instruct and train men and women who seek to develop in the life of Faith, and to prepare in ministerial work those who have a call to ministry in the proclamation of the Gospel.

Our ministerial emphasis is on deliverance and spiritual warfare.