Application for Enrollment

Modules of Study

Module 1: Understanding the ministerial calling

Module 2: Doctrine of Christ

Module 3: Doctrine of the foundation of repentance from dead works

Module 4: Doctrine of Faith in God

Module 5: Doctrine of Baptisms

Module 6: Doctrine of Laying On of Hands

Module 7: Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Dead and the Return of Jesus to Earth

Module 8: Doctrine of Eternal Judgments of God

Module 9: Doctrine of Perfection

Module 10: Spiritual Warfare and Liberation

Module 11: Legal Right of Darkness to Operate

Module 12: Lifting the Earth Curse

Module 13: Combating Institutional Sorcery

Module 14: Satanic Government Centers

Module 15: Apostasy

Module 16: How to Reconcile the Cursed Regions with God

Module 17: Spiritual Warfare Strategies: Denouncing Evil

Module 18: The Mystery of Iniquity

Module 19: Willing to Hear the Prophetic Voice

Module 20: Establishment of Faith Communities

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